How to Pack the Ultimate Sport Backpack

Starting living a healthy life starts from the moment you wake up. How much is your determination? Have you done your daily workout? Many questions, only one answer. Welcome to the first step of changing your life. My story begins a couple of years ago when I had serious health issues. The doctor was serious when he told me that I need to change my life. This was my wake up call!

I have been doing my regular workouts for two years now. There is a saying that tells us after you put your workout shoes half of the battle is done. There is something else, in fact, it is hidden in your sport backpack! You need the right equipment! There are a lot of exercise essentials that need to be in instant reach, and here is the one and only ultimate guide.


Sport Backpack

Now this is easy, you have a wide spectrum of choices! From the big brands like Addidas and Nike up to the specialized Nathan and Salomon. The bag needs to be big enough so you can gather all the necessary equipment.

Refillable Water Bottle

A most useful and money saving accessory will keep you hydrated for those long and tiresome workout sessions.

Flip Flops

Having these around will keep your feet from any bacteria when you are in the gym shower, and give your feet that much needed air on your way home.

Workout Fuel

Avoiding eating junk treats before and after you workout, and always keep protein bars in your sports backpack to give you energy, apples, nuts and other fruits to keep your vitamins up.

Microfibre Towel

Not every gym hand out towels. You should always pack quick-drying and free of bacteria micro fibre towel to use it after a shower or accelerated round on the Orbitrek.


I cannot imagine a workout with music! Music is my life – after workout! Listening to ACDC and Led Zeppelin gets my adrenaline up and I get the extra energy to do that extra lift. With music this music

Gloves and Band

The gloves protect your hands and improve the grip when you are sliding those heavy weight in your daily workout!Band-aids help you pick up the slack if you fail with the gloves. Gloves prevent getting those lifting bruises that can slow your workout schedule.


Now pack everything sound and tight in your backpack and get ready to roll. Keep your will up, keep your schedule up-to-date, take care of your body. The sport equipment is here to make you achieve your goal. It is possible, trust me I have been there, making my first steps, where I wasn’t sure if I can make it. Today I am a living testament that you can be a winner! I hope you will take my advises and start this healthy life adventure, good luck and see you in the gym!


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