Choosing Mens Sports Footwear: The Very Basics

Choosing a mens sports footwear is not a simple buying chore, on the contrary it is a process. It is not as simple as buying an everyday footwear, it requires research and attention, This is mainly because the right footwear is important for the sports men who practice certain kind of gum exercises, sport or physical activities such as running and walking and because not all sports shoes are made equal.

By choosing the most suitable mens sports footwear, you get the most comfort and protect your feet from injuries. But, since men have different feet, not all mens sports shoes are made equal, they are distinguished by many factors and are classified in several different categories. Thus, to choose sports shoes that will match your feet, you ought to understand the factors that come into play when choosing sports foot wear (your weight, feet shape and pronation) If you are a newbie to this matter, read on to learn the very basics of choosing the best mens sports footwear for your feet.

As we said, choosing the right mens sports footwear depends on the type of your feet. For this reason, before you decide which shoes to buy, determine the type of your feet. You can do this by the so-called “wet test”, which is a simple test of stepping on a dark surface with wet feet. Compare the results you get with the following pictures and learn more about your feet.


Types of Mens Sports Footwear

Stability Shoes

If your feet have low to normal arches, the stability shoes may be the best pick for you, because they provide increased level of stability. Another advantage of the stability shoes is the support they provide for the overpronating feet.

Performance Shoes

Performance shoes, as their name implies, help in achieving the most performance of your workout. Their main advantages are light weight and narrower construction. If you are a professional athlete who needs great support and endurance during extensive exercises, go for performance shoes.

Running Shoes

Neutral Shoes

The neutral shoes are the most reliable solution for the runners with normal to high arches. This type of mens sports footwear is known for providing maximum cushioning and feet support while running.

Minimalist Shoes

The minimalist are recommended for runners with midfoot to forefood pronation. These are medium cushioned sports shoes that provide the optimum level of comfort during fast walking or running.


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