Protein Powder For Women: Which One Is For You?

When women decide to build lean muscles, there are several different sources to choose from. Protein powders for women are a very convenient addition to one’s daily intake of all the necessary building blocks our bodies thrive on. Also, since time has become a precious scarcity to everyone, having a quick and reliable way to get a refill of healthy energy and boost the effectiveness of the exercise routine, is truly an attractive option, worthy for further exploration.


Whey Protein

This is the most common source of protein on the market. It is derived form milk and is known to repair the muscles very efficiently. It also aid the body in the creation of antioxidants that fight diseases and also help the body revitalize and repair itself.


Casein Protein

From the various protein powders for women, this is also a commonly used one, it can be taken even at night, before going to sleep and the body will use it for muscle building, right then and there, while you’re asleep.


Brown Rise Protein

Brown rise is a very healthy protein source, and for maximizing the effectiveness it can be mixed with another kind of protein powder, for days when you’re up for that extra boost. Just make sure that the brand you’ll be using does not include any kind of chemicals during the separation of the rice’s upper layer, which is the substance used for the making of the powder. Always check whether you’re buying a pesticides free product.


Hemp Protein

This type of protein is suitable for the vegans (people who avoid the consummation of all kinds of animal derived products). It contains the ultimately important omega 3 acids that have the ability to repair the muscles. If you choose to consume this type of protein, make sure that you mixed it with different kinds of legumes and beans to maximize the benefits.


Soy Protein

This is also a popular source of protein among the vegans and the vegetarians. However, it shouldn’t stop the rest of the women interested in protein powders from trying it out. It is estimated that soy protein powders have the same gain benefits as whey protein.

To conclude, there is no real reason for not trying out all of these protein sources and then deciding which one works for you the best, or you may also choose to mix a few of them, or use all of them interchangeably.


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