Benefits of Compression Gear for Runners

Compression gear is becoming increasingly popular among athletes, in particular runners. A growing number of runners include the compression gear items (tights, pants, socks, sleeves, etc.) in their sports equipment. For longer period after the popularization of this type of sports equipment, there were many discussions among experts about the question whether this gear really works.

Today, the opinions are still divided, but the result of many studies go in favour of the use of compression gear. It has been proven that the compression gear provides many benefits for the runners. In fact, compression garments have been used in medicine several decades before. The main purpose of the use of elastic gradient compression fabric was to treat poor venous blood flow and with that to deal an array of health issues.


It has been proven that when the elastic fabric is molded around certain body part, the blood and lymphatic flow increase significantly. In sports, the purpose of the use of this type of equipment is to impact positively the overall performance, as well as to help the body to recover after an intensive training.

Benefits of Compression Gear for Runners

According to several medical surveys, compression sports equipment provides many ergonomic benefits across a big number of different sports disciplines. Fro improving the muscle power during physical activities, strengthening the body to helping the recovery, there are many advantages of using such equipment. In particular, here’s how your body will benefit from the compression gear:

  • Improving the blood circulation to peripheral limbs;
  • Increasing the torque that is generated about joints;
  • Increasing the skin temperature and with that enhancing the warm up;
  • Reducing the risk of injuries;
  • Promoting the feeling of positive leg sensations;
  • Reducing the muscle oscillation that happens in the contact with the ground;
  • Improving the vertical jump height;
  • Eases the muscle soreness which is result of strenuous exercising;

In summary, the compression gear provides many advantages and helps runners reach their maximum performance. But you should be very cautious when buying this compression sports items in order co choose the right gear that will provide the proper pressure and enable venous return.


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