Tricks To Wearing Your Women Sport Shoes Outside The Gym

Well, here’s a news for all the sporty ladies – sneakers are still in! Even if you are not an athlete in soul, I swear that sneakers can become a part of your daily outfits. So fashionistas, let the athlete in you get out, and pamper yourself with several pairs of women sport shoes.

Wearing sporty shoes as a part of your regular, daytime outfit is a must. However, mastering this look can be a little tricky, especially for the fashionistas. But, you don’t have to worry at all! Since I’m an athlete lover and fashionista too, I did a little bit of a research, ask around and prepared for you some tips about how to properly match women sport shoes with your daily outfit.


Here’s how to “stylishly” wear your sport shoes outside the gym.

  • Go Monochrome – We all love the new neon kicks. Combined with some bright coloured workout tank and tights is so darn sexy. Unfortunately this is not your go-to daily outfit. When it comes matching your sneaks with something from your wardrobe, a single-color classic sneakers are the way to go. A pair of black Adidas or New Balance simply sound and look perfectly with your day-wear, which is something you probably want to achieve. For these sport-chic combinations, your women sports shoes must compliment your outfit.
  • Opt For Edge – Intentional dichotomy is my favourite when it comes to looks…just imagine…a pair of boyfriend jeans with a crop top, or short/maxi light sundress with a leather jacket! Simply amazing, right?! (in love). However, when it comes to styling an outfit with womens sport shoes, I prefer to stick with the classic looks – sneakers, leather jacket, black ripped jeans, and beanies. It’s just perfect!
  • Play Up The Sporty Vibes – If you are feeling weird about wearing your sport shoes with your street clothes, you can always take some small steps and opt for the intentionally sporty-chic look. For instance, cropped skinny jeans, black sneakers, white tank and a jacket is great combination. Or, you can try and combine your joggers with yoga pants, jerseys, and studio jacket. You can never go wrong with these two combinations! They both look and feel natural!
  • Show Off Your Legs – You can show off your legs even without high heels! Short skirts and sneakers are the new go-to hot combination! So, put on your favorite gym shoes and show off your legs with a mini skirt.

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