Vegan Guide To Protein Powder

Have you started to walk the path of Vegan? Enlightenment and new moral values give you the boost to live healthy life and protect the environment. Welcome to the peaceful and tranquil world of fruits, nuts, grains, lentils and veggies. I have been vegan for 5 years, and I have built a body like Superman. Many people approach me and ask me how I maintain my shape without eating proteins? Can I take protein powder and are they vegan-approved? Thankfully, there are many products that regular people use and are 100% vegan. Here is the perfect guide for using vegan protein powder!

The first thing you should do is to research what powders you will mix together or you will buy already mixed blends. On the market, there are a lot of choices but always go with the one that suits you the best. Remember to try them all so you know which ones gives you the best results.


Here are the most used vegan protein powders.

Soy Protein Powder

The most used dish as a meal alternative – the Soy. It provides you with all the needed amino acids so the human body can function. Generally, the protein dosage in soy powders is around 85%. But as a vegan, using too much Soy can create a monotony in your diet. Before you do anything do a research how can you shaken up your diet and use soy protein powder for bodybuilding!

Rice Protein Powder

Rice is not considered as an outright protein on its own. It has a low count on amino acids. The most usual use of rice protein powder is to mix with other proteins, such as pea protein. They contain around 80% of protein.

Pea Protein Powder

Pea protein, like I said before is stronger than the rice one. But it is still lower on amino acids especially cysteine and methionine. This powder is much chunkier than the rice one, but you still need to mix it good to get a proper protein drink.

Hemp Protein Powder

A new product on the scene that bodybuilding stores do not have it around so much is the hemp protein powder. In Australia, is often used as animal food! But the power of this proteins is beyond that. It has lower protein power, around 40%, but when you mix it with pea or rice powder gives you the perfect shake for your workout! It can be considered as a meal replacement, but it works best as pre or post workout drink!


Now you need to choose your powder, get in the gym and work out your schedule. Continue with living healthy and safe, be more than other people forget to be. Stay vegan and stay in shape! Save the World, save the animals!


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