Practical And Stylish Water Bottles You’ll Be Excited To Use

Maybe you are one of those people who drinks a lot of water during the day, but there are some for which is hard to incorporate this habit into their lives. They haven’t water close at hand, have no time or simply they do not think about it at all. There is certainly good reason why all doctors advice us to drink plenty of water during the day – generally two to three liters. The quantity of water we need doesn’t always need to be taken in liquid form. The food we eat also contains water. So, if you want to join the group of water drinkers, it is easy thing to do. You just need to keep a water bottle at hand all the time. So, why not fallow the fashion models? There are plenty of stylish and practical water bottles you will be excited to use. You can find wide range of water bottles available on the market, suitable for every requirement and need. For example, here are just few.


R-Gear Come To Grips Bottle – It’s perfect bottle to sip and run. It comes with very colorful design while also is comfortable. What makes this water bottle desirable is the vaccum-sealed valve. This ‘always open always shut’ system will provide you with easy drink-ability.


S’Well Teakwood Bottle – It is perfect looking nature inspired bottle. If you enjoy wooden items you definitely should have this water bottle. The best thing about this bottle is that always will provide you with fresh drink. It’s capable to keep your drink cold for 24h and hot for 12h.


Lightcup Solar Powered Water Bottle – Great for climbers or people who enjoy camping. The most interesting feature of these water bottles is their capability to light-up in the dark. They does not need a charger or battery, all they require is daily light. After the bottle is charged you can use the light for four hours.


Square Bottle – If you are athletic certainly very often you found yourself in a situation where while you workout on the floor, your water bottle suddenly starts to rolling away. If you purchase square water bottle you can be sure that you will never find yourself in such situation again.


Fruit Infusion Water Bottle – If you are from those who take care of its health and your diet generally includes fruit and vegetables this water bottle is the one you should buy. Not only are chic, this model of water bottles are totally useful. They have a strainer that keeps the fruit away from water so you will not have any soggy fruits.


Linoleum Glass Water Bottle – Feel tired of cleaning your plastic water bottle? Then maybe it’s time to try something new and different. Meet this beautiful linoleum glass water bottle. The rubber outside the bottle makes it very easy to grip.

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