How To Choose Basic Running Gear

If you are a novice to running, you are probably wondering about your running gear selection and how you can choose the one that will offer protection and provide you maximum results at the same time.

And you are absolutely right for not being able to make up your mind, because considering the amount of brands, models and designs present on today’s market, choosing the basic running kit has definitely become a complex and demanding task.


We totally support running as a great way to blow off the steam after a long and stressful day, so this is why we want to give you a hand in making your perfect running gear selection. And here is how.

Running Shoes

Start your quest with the very first, yet most important step – running shoes. The truth is, you really do not need a fancy or too expensive pair of running shoes, but one that will provide your athletic feet the most out of protection and comfort. What you actually need is a pair of practical running shoes that are well-cushioned and specially designed for long outdoor running adventures.

Running Clothes

When it comes to choosing your basic running clothes, here is a professional advice for you: go for light and comfortable running clothes suitable for any weather condition. Also, avoid the running shorts and pants that chafe and do not give your body the necessary comfort. For ladies, pay special attention to the selection of your sports bra. Make sure it is supportive and of a fine quality. And that is basically all you need for a good running-clothes buying decision.


Heart Monitor

For many beginners, the heart monitor is the piece of running gear that is usually most underrated, but be informed that this is an extremely important part of your safe running experiences. The heart monitor is highly recommended by doctors to monitor the exertion levels. Particularly for advanced and professional athletes, the heart monitor is the right piece of running equipment to run at specific rates and aim for higher running performances.


One of the things that may impress you the most is the fact that a pair of sports sunglasses can cost you more than a pair of running shoes will do. But, that is only if you look for high-tech or high-end running sunglasses, which is definitely unnecessary, because affordable, yet good sports shades can perfectly do the job. Apart from price, another feature to consider when choosing the sports sunglasses is 100% ultra-violet protection.


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