The Healthy Quintuple: 5 Gifts for Health Enthusiasts

Exchanging gifts with friends and relatives is one of the best way to share the holiday spirit. With the gift you give to a loved one, you show care and attention to the person. Also by choosing a gift for someone you show how well you know the person, in terms of what he/she likes, what makes him/her happy and so on.

Exchanging gifts doesn’t have that special significance if you buy meaningless gift that doesn’t match the profile of the person you’re buying it for. For this reason, you should dedicate a great amount of attention when buying gifts for the ones you love and care for. The setting point in choosing the right gift for someone is considering his/her lifestyle, needs and wishes.

If you are buying a gift for a friend, partner or relative who is a health enthusiast, you have no reason to be concerned. There are countless options for health-minded persons and fitness fanatics. Here are 12 gift ideas for health enthusiast you can’t go wrong with.


1. Watch With a Heart Rate Monitor

What every person with active lifestyle needs is an activity trackers. Every runner or gum enthusiast will be happy to receive a watch with a heart rate monitor, because it is one of the essential tracking devices that helps in adjusting physical activity to a level that is safe, with no risk of over training and side effects caused by it. Simply put, it is the heart rate monitor the device that every active person needs for safe and effective workout.


2. Digital Body Fat Scale

Every health enthusiast own a weight scale that gives precise weight-measurement information. But, not all of them have Digital scale that measures weight along with the percentage of fat, muscles mass, bone mass, body water in the body. Needless to say, this is a gift that will make any health enthusiast happy.


3. Resistance Bands

No matter of the exercising program or regime the person follows, he/she will certainly need and want to use resistance bands at certain point. Resistance bands are simple and lightweight and yet so important piece of fitness equipment for any exercise addict.


4. A Piece or Two of Sportswear

It is true that when it comes to sportswear there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But with a little bit of effort and attention you can choose a piece of sport clothing for your health minded buddy. The range of choices is wide. For example, you can choose running tights, shoes, socks, cap, headband and so on.


5. A Book with Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes are never enough no matter the diet regime a person may be sticking to. A book with healthy recipes is always welcomed in the book shelves of a healthy enthusiast. Due to this reason, if you know what the gift-receiver likes to eat the most do not hesitate to buy him/her a good cookbook.


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